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Forget the rest – go straight to the best.  Bright Jewellery Ltd is the largest wholesale jewellery supplier in the UK.  They supply Costume Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery and Designer Jewellery to small and large jewellery retailers, not only in the UK but worldwide. 

A lot of UK jewellery suppliers have a high minimum order quantity which makes it difficult for those wanting to start a new business.  With a low minimum order amount of only £34 small businesses as well as large are able to buy a good selection of Costume Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery.  This is an ideal way of starting a small business with a wonderful stock of Costume Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery which doesn’t cost a fortune and to which you can add as your client base increases. 

Bright’s staff are very helpful with any queries you may have and knowledgeable about the Fashion and Costume Jewellery they stock, whether you buy online or in person.  They are never too busy to help and they make customer service their top priority.

Situated in Commercial Road, London E1, in the midst of the UK jewellery wholesale suppliers’ area, they stand out as the UK’s top jewellery supplier.  Parking is available within 50 yards of the shop so carrying all those wonderful items to your car is not a problem.  


News Letter
  • We have all kinds of Jewelleries i.e. Handmade Jewellery, silver jewellery, costume jewelery, fashion jewellery etc avaliable for a very cheap price

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